Who We Are

who we are


My name is Edward Romaniello, and I am the Owner/Inspector of Eagle Home Inspections. When you use Eagle Home Inspections, you will be hiring me and no one else. I am a Licensed Home Inspector in the State of New Jersey. I am also licensed to conduct Radon Testing and Termite Inspections. I personally prepare each home inspection report. Included in the report are pictures of areas of concern, which I take at the inspection. These pictures are valuable when communicating with your Attorney or Seller.
Since I am the one who prepares the report, nothing gets mixed up in the translation from inspection to report.


who we areFor the first six years as a home inspector, I was also a New Home Builder. I had been building homes in Sussex County and Virginia since the late 1980s, and when the new Land Use laws came into effect, I knew the home building business would slow down considerably, as access to buildable land would become scarce. While I built up my home inspection business, I continued to build new homes, allowing me to see many different facets of the home buying and selling process.

Back then, when I wasn’t working on a new house, I was inspecting one for a Buyer. Eventually, I closed my home building business in order to focus solely on inspecting. This hands-on experience with home building has been invaluable in the home inspection business. I know the pitfalls of building in certain times of the year, and I have first-hand familiarity with a variety of situations and challenges that can arise when building homes. Many of these situations translate into Buyer questions during an inspection.
Having been a home inspector since 1997, I have seen it all! Trends have changed in the last century or so (yes, I have inspected homes built in the 1800’s!) but I am very familiar with the building problems that tend to occur in both old and new buildings. In addition to my practical experience, I attended the Home Inspection Institute of America in Connecticut in 1997.

My Motto Is: Honest & Professional Inspections at Affordable Prices.

who we are

I inspect single- and multi-family homes, condos, townhouses, commercial buildings, and mobile homes. I have even inspected a few round, dome-like homes and “earth” friendly homes. I always say, “If you can live in it, I can inspect it.” Recently I needed to add a little something to my statement: “If someone used to live in, I can inspect it… and see if it can be brought back to a habitable condition.” Even homes that are in disrepair have a potential, and the first step to bringing out that potential is a solid home inspection.

Eileen Romaniello is Ed’s wife and Co-Owner of Eagle Home Inspections. She manages the business side of Eagle Home Inspections and is licensed to retrieve the Radon Test Canisters that Ed places at most inspection sites. Eileen is usually your first point of contact when you call the office. She will answer any questions you have about the inspection, review pricing, and schedule a convenient time for your inspection to take place.

Ed and Eileen have been married over 30 years and have three grown children.