This is Why You Need A Home Inspector in NJ with “Eagle Eyes”

If you’re buying a home in NJ, you need a trusted and reliable home inspector. But will any home inspection service in NJ for your sale, or should you look for one with eagle eyes? When you choose Eagle Home Inspections in Northern NJ, you’ll get service that goes above and beyond. Keep reading to see why.

Attention to Detail Matters When Choosing A Home Inspector in NJ

While most home inspectors (and homeowners themselves!) recognize major damage, it takes a skilled, experienced, attentive home inspector to find the hidden problems. When you choose an experienced home inspector with years of history working with your community, you should be able to find plenty of testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals. Your inspector needs eagle eyes to find even the tiniest problems with your potential home.

Personalized Attention Improves Home Inspection Services

There are some big home inspection companies in NJ, and there are small businesses. Our team at Eagle Home Inspections would also go with a local inspector, and are proud to say that our home inspector is the only person who will be inspecting your home! You’ll be working with a business owner and licensed home inspector who personally prepares each home inspection report, including photos of your property and details regarding the age, condition, and operating status of your home’s elements. Since nobody else gets involved, nothing can get mixed up, left out, or ignored.

Consider Adding These Services to Your Home Inspection in NJ

For a home inspection that goes beyond expectations, look for a home inspector who is also licensed to inspect or test for other common home concerns, such as radon testing and termite inspections. These important safeguards are not included in a standard home inspection, and must be arranged separately with a qualified and licensed inspector. Some of the best home inspectors in NJ also offer radon and termite inspections at the same time, taking that appointment off of your calendar. Ready to inspect your next home with one of the best home inspectors in NJ? Call Eagle Home Inspections today to get started.

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