Radon & Water Testing Services in NJ

At Eagle Home Inspections, we handle Residential and Commercial Inspections, Radon Testing services (Canister and Continuous Monitor), Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (Termite), Sellers Inspections, all in-house! Septic Inspections, Water Testing services, Pool Inspections, Oil Tank Inspections, and land sweeps are coordinated with other companies and can be arranged for them to arrive at the same time we do, providing one-stop calling for you. For environmental issues such as mold, lead, or asbestos, I always suggest to let me take a look at it first. If necessary, I will recommend a company who specializes in these areas.

We are happy when you use us for your home inspection, and if we can link you up with other excellent companies, we are happy to do so. You pay each company directly and separately, as none of us take kickbacks or referrals fees. Enjoy convenience without added costs!

Our Specialized Services

water testing services

Home Inspections

We inspect single and multi-family homes, condos, townhouses, mobile homes and commercial buildings. Don’t feel limited to traditional homes! We also inspect Log Cabins, Victorian Homes from as far back as the 1700’s, and New Construction. We’ve even inspected a few round, dome-like homes and “earth” friendly homes.


water testing services

Radon Testing
(Canister and Continuous Monitor)

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil and rock (which is what your home is built on). The Radon enters the home through openings that are in contact with the ground. Radon (and its decay products) releases radioactive energy that can damage lung tissue.

water testing services

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (Termite)

We inspect the entire perimeter of the home, the structure outside of the building, and the interior of every room. The attic, basement, and garage are included in the inspection. We check for any evidence of Wood Destroying Insect activity and damage. One of the biggest signs of an infestation is carpenter ant frass (saw dust, body parts and poo!).

Other Services

  • Septic Inspections
  • Pool Inspections
  • Oil Tank Inspections and Land Sweeps
  • Environmental Issues
    (mold, mildew, lead, asbestos)
  • Well Water Testing

Licenses, Certifications, and Insurance

  • I am a NJ Licensed Home Inspector
  • License Number: 24GI00043500
  • We are NJ Licensed Radon Measurement Technicians
  • Ed’s Certification Number: MET11107
  • Eileen’s Certification Number: MET13203
  • We are a DEP Licensed Pesticide Applicator
    (required for Termite Inspections)
  • License Number: 247948
  • We are fully Licensed and Insured according to New Jersey Laws
  • We do home inspections in New Jersey only.