How a Seller’s Inspection Raises the Value of Your Home

You’ve done everything you need to sell your home—you’ve checked the market, cleaned things up for a nice showing, done a little work on the lawn, and listed your home everywhere you and your realtor can think of. But are you missing a step? The seller’s inspection is one of the most important things you can do to raise the value of your home, but many people who are selling their home in New Jersey skip this important step! Read on to find out how a seller’s inspection in New Jersey can raise the value of your home.

Today’s buyers demand more than just an address—they want to know the history of the property, how well it stands up to the competition, and any flaws it may have. While most buyers will hire a professional home inspector in New Jersey to inspect their future purchases, having your home inspected as a seller can show that you are up front, honest, and willing to disclose any issues that you may have found.

Peace of Mind
Issues, you say? Ha! If your home is 100% free from pests, contaminants, or other problems, consider yourself fortunate—and consider making these important facts known to potential buyers. Many buyers aren’t interested in wasting their efforts inspecting a home, but do want one that has been inspected. Save the buyer some peace of mind and do the same for yourself by proactively hiring a licensed home inspector to check your property out.

Time Saver
When your buyer wants a property, they want it now! One of the biggest delays that people encounter when buying a home is waiting on the home inspection—because nobody scheduled it! At Eagle Home Inspections in NJ, we are committed to making our inspections work on your timeframe—unfortunately, you are probably very busy selling your home, and maybe looking for a new one! Save time by scheduling a seller’s home inspection well in advance so we can fit it into your schedule as well as possible.

With all these great reasons, you’re likely to see increased interest in your home—and, market-willing, increased sales prices. If you’re selling a home in New Jersey, do yourself and your potential buyers a favor and schedule a home inspection today.