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Rates Are Skyrocketing—Should You Save Money And Skip Hiring A Home Inspector in NJ?

Across the nation, prices on everything including mortgage rates are going up. If you’re looking for a home in NJ, should you save money and skip hiring a home inspector? You may miss out on far more than costs. Keep reading to see why hiring a home inspector in NJ is a smart and financially sound decision!

Home Inspectors in NJ Check for Problems
A home inspector is a vital part of your home buying process. You want all of the structural elements, electrical components, HVAC, plumbing, and more to be in good order before buying that home, don’t you? That’s exactly what a home inspector does—inspect your prospective home for problems. That way, you know what you’re buying, and if you’re capable of handling it. Perhaps the previous homeowners had no idea that their foundation was cracked, or that the roof had a few pinhole leaks—would you notice these things in your home if they weren’t causing day-to-day problems? That’s why you need an experienced home inspector.

The Cost of Home Inspection in New Jersey
When you think of “cost savings” for your new home, think big—things like finding a great mortgage rate, or buying a home within your means. Cutting out home inspection is like ordering your sandwich without lettuce—it doesn’t save much compared to the total cost! On average, home inspections in NJ cost around $500. That’s not much compared to the average cost of mortgages (closer to $2000), and very little compared to the average cost of a new roof or foundation! For less than your monthly mortgage payment, you can enjoy peace of mind from your home inspection.

The Costs of NOT Hiring a Home Inspector
Can it cost you to avoid hiring a home inspector? It sure can! Once you move into your new home, you don’t want to be greeted by broken items or major damage. In some cases, damage to the structure of the building can be more costly than the property is even worth! That’s why you need an experienced home inspector in NJ to make sure you’re making a good investment.

Don’t delay your home inspection—hire a home inspector in NJ today to make sure your property investment is a wised choice.