Just For Fun

Home inspections are serious business… but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! Check out our entertaining photos from our personal collection.

  • Yes, this was a lamp in someones house!! Remember this from A Christmas Story!!

  • When I was on a roof, a bear decided to see what I was doing. I was glad he didn’t climb up the ladder!

  • The Jonas Brothers stopped by on one inspection! They were 6 ft. tall cutouts! (I don’t think they are that tall!)

  • One by one the cows lined up to see who the new neighbors were. They watched me inspect this house and didn’t leave until I was done.

  • George Bush greeted me in this basement. He hasn’t aged a bit and he was quite slim!

  • This elf was the only thing in a vacant house! He was in the attic. I think he was watching me….

  • A rat snake decided to slither toward me when I shined a light in his eyes…I’m outta here! They told me this house was vacant!!

  • This was a very big spider (looked bigger in person than in the picture).

  • These cave crickets like to fly at my face when I shine the light on them. I hear they taste like chicken!

  • Got mold? Um….no…I don’t think a little splash of bleach will do the trick!

  • The beautiful, unique dome house located in Sussex County that I had the privilege of inspecting.