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Is Radon A Problem In Your Part of NJ? Home Inspectors Who Check for Radon Can Help!

Does your house have radon? Unless you’ve hired a home inspector in NJ to check, you never know! Many people think radon is a vile, dangerous poison, and they’re half-right—the most important thing about radon is that it usually goes unnoticed. Keep reading to find out what radon really is, why it matters to your home, and what you can do about it.

Why Do NJ’s Home Inspector Care About Radon?
Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that result from the natural decay and evolution of natural structures, such as stone, dirt, and elements underground. It’s similar to radiation, only produced naturally. Home inspectors in NJ care about radon (and you should too!) because it can increase your risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. In fact, the first cases of radon contamination were found in people who worked in nuclear plants—and came into work contaminated!

Can I Get Rid of Radon in My Home?
Since radon comes from deep within the earth, you can’t necessarily get rid of it—you’d have to dig very deep! Instead, you can focus on removing the contaminated air from your home, and preventing more from intruding. Your home inspector in NJ does not provide this service, but can refer you to contractors in your area who can help.

How Home Inspectors in NJ Test for Radon
So, now that you know why radon is a problem, how can you find out if your home has an excessive amount? Hiring a home inspector in NJ can answer your question. When you call Eagle Home Inspections for a radon test, we bring a special device to your home to collect air samples. After the proper amount of time has passed, we collect these and analyze the data. We let you know if radon gas is intruding in your home, and can help refer you to companies who can correct it.

Don’t let radon gas ruin your health! Hire a skilled home inspector in NJ to check for radon gas today!