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If You’re Not Planning On Selling Your Home in NJ, Do You Need A Home Inspector?

Smart home sellers know that hiring a home inspector in New Jersey is the right choice before selling your home. By having all the information, you can ensure a fair real estate deal between you and the buyer. But what if you aren’t planning on selling your home—can a home inspector’s services benefit NJ homeowners? Keep reading to see why a home inspector is your friend, even if you plan to retire in your home!

Radon Testing from NJ’s Best Home Inspectors

One of the most important reasons a homeowner would hire a home inspector is for radon testing. New Jersey homes, like any homes, may be susceptible to radon leaks. This natural gas may come from deep in the earth, but it is not healthy! If you suspect a radon leak, or would just like the peace of mind of knowing “is there radon in my NJ home?” we can help!

Identify Environmental Contaminants in Your NJ Home

In addition to natural contaminants, long-term homeowners may want to ensure that their home is free from environmental contaminants, like mold, mildew, lead, or asbestos. Inspecting for these contaminants requires different monitoring, such as air quality tests for mold or mildew, paint-chip inspections for lead paint, and visual inspections of asbestos. A home inspector in NJ can help you identify these potential safety issues and direct you to the proper professionals to correct them before they risk making your family sick.

Safety Inspections in NJ

In addition to standard home inspections, Sparta’s best home inspectors address a variety of home safety concerns, such as septic inspections, swimming pool inspections, oil tank inspections, land sweeps, and well water testing. If these are unfamiliar to you, they may not be required in your area, but for those in need, Eagle Home Inspections is your friendly, familiar source to get these done.

Many people call a home inspector when selling a home, but inspecting the home you live in can keep you safer, happier, and ensure your home lasts for many years. Call Eagle Home Inspections today to get started with a home inspection or other services!