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This is Why You Should Hire a Home Inspector in NJ Before Buying a Newly Constructed Home

The day is almost here—your newly constructed home is almost ready. But that brings the question: Should you hire a home inspector in NJ before closing on your newly constructed home? Expert home inspectors recommend you do, and here’s why!

Brand New Doesn’t Always Equal Perfect

Many people think “if a house is brand new, what is there to inspect?” Shouldn’t a brand new home be “perfect?” Not in all cases! Just like any project, there can be errors in terms of labor, defects in materials, or oversights during the construction process. Having a home inspector evaluate your new construction ensures that everything really does check out right.

It May Be Required

In some areas, a final new construction inspection may be required. Hard to argue with those regulations!

The Builder’s Inspector Isn’t Your Employee (And Neither is the County’s)

Many people insist they don’t need to hire a home inspector because “it’s already been inspected.” This may be by the builder, who should also have their own inspector, or by the city or county, especially if inspection is required. Both of these are also great to have on record, but you want a home inspector that works for you, and has only your best interests in mind.

It Helps If You Sell

While the newly constructed home of your dreams may seem like it will be in your life forever, in reality, most people sell. Having a thorough home inspection, even years in the past, shows your commitment to excellence from the start.

Is your new home almost ready to move in? If so, make sure you’ve called to schedule an appointment with a reliable home inspector in New Jersey for the greatest peace of mind you can afford for your newly constructed home.

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