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Here’s Why It’s Not Worth The Risk To Buy A Home In NJ Without A Home Inspection

The housing market is hot in NJ, so if you find a home you like, you’d better buy fast. But should you wait for a home inspection? In NJ, home inspections are a must! Our wet weather, 4-season climate, and many old and beautiful homes mean that having an extra set of eyes on your biggest investment is a smart choice. Here are three reasons why it’s just not worth it to buy a home in NJ without a home inspection.

Reason 1: There may be bugs.

If your home looks as appetizing to termites as it does to buyers, a home inspector can keep your money from being “eaten alive.” Pest infestations, particularly termites or wood-eating ants, don’t just eat away at the value of your home, they eat away at the whole structure. A home inspector in NJ can help you identify signs of an infestation before you make your purchase, allowing you to look at other properties or ask the seller to address the infestation before the sale is complete.

Reason 2: Even dream homes burn.

No matter how much you love a home, you do not want to risk buying a fire risk. While a home inspection cannot guarantee you will never have a fire (nothing can guarantee that except living under the sea!), your home inspector can ensure that appliance are running properly and that any immediate signs of danger are managed. Major signs of fire risk, such as furnace malfunctions, can often be discovered during a home inspection.

Reason 3: Not all air is equal.

Depending on your location and regulations, your home inspector may or may not inspect your air quality. Sometimes, you need to request air quality inspections as additional services. However, your home inspector in NJ should be able to assess for mold, mildew, or radon, allowing you full peace of mind before buying your home.

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