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Here’s What a Home Inspection in NJ Gives You During the Housing Boom

Despite many people’s suspicions that the current housing bubble will bust soon, NJ’s home inspectors are still busy as ever as we help home sellers and buyers see eye to eye on homes for sale. In fact, so many people are buying up homes at astonishing rates that many are willing to skip the home inspection. Is it really necessary to have a home inspection? What are the risks of skipping a home inspection in NJ? Keep reading to find out!

Are Home Inspections Required in NJ Before Sales?

Many people call their local home inspector in NJ to ask if home inspections are required or mandated by law. Don’t hang up after we say “no”! New Jersey is one of many states that does not require home inspections before sale, and allows the seller and buyer to decide if they would like a home inspection. But remember, New Jersey also doesn’t require you to eat right, exercise, or look for the best home on the market, but you probably want to do these things anyway. Just because home inspections are not required, doesn’t mean they aren’t a valuable tool!

When Should A Seller Insist on a Home Inspection?

If you are selling your home in NJ, a home inspection is a good idea. But if you have a buyer willing to pay your asking price (or above), should you insist on a home inspection? Probably not, although having one done in advance can eliminate any questions or differences in opinions during your closing. Homeowners should always have a home inspection done if they would like to increase the value of their home sale, as the inspection provides a level of reassurance and quality for the buyer.

Why Should a Buyer Demand Home Inspection Services?

As a home buyer, one of the smartest things you can do is hire a home inspector. This professional makes it his job to check out all those things you might forget to ask about—including the function and stability of the home, leaks or damage, pests, and much more. The seller usually pays for this, and a home inspection in NJ can rule out any major red flags, such as a damaged foundation, water leaks, or pest infestations.

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