Here’s How Home Inspectors in NJ Keep You Safe From Radon Poisoning

Are you at risk of radon poisoning? Home inspectors in New Jersey get calls on a regular basis from concerned homeowners asking if radon poisoning could get them in their homes. Here’s some info you need about radon and your health, and how home inspectors in NJ keep you safe!

What is Radon and Why Is It Bad?

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer—after smoking cigarettes! This natural gas comes directly from the earth, but just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is safe. Radon can seep into your lungs and gives off radiation that can cause lung cancer. Radon is actually a byproduct of uranium—that’s right, the same substance used in radioactive materials! Uranium is a heavy metal that is found throughout the soil and rocks across the globe. Radon can also come from building materials like concrete and granite, but this is usually at such low levels that it won’t bother you.

How Do I Know If My Home in NJ Has Radon?

Pretty much any home has some radon in it. The real question is does your home have dangerous levels of radon? To find this out, you need a skilled home inspector—or a kit and some advanced equipment! But for most people, calling a qualified radon home inspector in New Jersey is the fastest and most accurate way to measure the radon levels in your home.

What do I Do About Radon in my Home?

Working alongside your trusted home inspector in NJ, you can identify the likely sources of radon, such as cracks or leaks in the foundation of your home, or insulate basements or crawl spaces. Effective ventilation is vital, as good airflow dilutes the radon, making the air safer to breathe. After you’ve made changes to your property, don’t forget a follow-up radon test from your trusted home inspector.

Radon is no joking matter! For radon testing and other air quality issues inside your home, you need a qualified, experienced home inspector. The team at Eagle Home Inspections is waiting on your call!

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