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Did You Know: A Home Inspection in New Jersey Can Help Offset Higher Mortgage Rates

If you’ve been checking the news lately, you’ve noticed high mortgage rates! Did you know that a home inspection in New Jersey can actually help offset some of these increased costs? It may seem counterintuitive, but paying for a home inspection can actually save you big money down the line. Keep reading to see some examples that our team at Eagle Home Inspections has discovered!

Costly Foundation Issues Avoided By Home Inspection in NJ
The foundation of a home is the structural support, and one of the most important features. If the home’s foundation is cracked, damaged, or leaking, a variety of problems could occur from radon gas leaks to sagging walls. When the home inspector visits a home with a damaged foundation, they always let the prospective buyer know. This has saved many homeowners from getting “stuck in a money pit” with a house that has expensive foundation issues. Let a home inspector in NJ check out your next property before you buy it and enjoy peace of mind.

A Home Inspector Identifies Problems Before You Buy
For some homeowners, problems are expected when they buy a new house, especially if the house is a “fixer-upper.” But how much “fixing-up” can you tolerate? When you hire a home inspector in New Jersey, you have a clear idea of what’s wrong and how much it may be to fix it before signing those final sales papers. Maybe you’re fine replacing major appliances and getting new windows, but don’t want to deal with clearing out asbestos or replacing a roof. Home inspection gives you the information you need to decide.

Reduce The Sales Price on Your NJ Home When Home Inspection Reveals Damage
Speaking of important home inspection information, you can sometimes get a lower price from the seller after home inspection. The seller is likely very motivated to sell their home, so if a home inspector reveals damage or repairs to be completed, that seller may be willing to work with you, such as reducing the sales price, or offering pre-paid gift cards or construction services.

A home is likely one of the biggest and most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. Make a smart choice when you hire a home inspector in New Jersey to check out the property before you buy it and you may save big!