Paul A.

I thought Ed at Eagle Home Inspections deserved to be reviewed here by me. I asked if a friend, who does home repairs, could be there with us and Ed was more than happy to oblige. From our initial call to getting the final report, Ed was prompt, courteous and professional. Ed leaves nothing out. He took his time, went over everything inside and out. He explained in detail everything he was looking for and doing every step of the way. We never felt like anything was being rushed or overlooked. He even took the time to explain to me how everything in the house, from the shut-offs to the heating system, works. Upon completion, we received a detailed report with photo’s. I can’t imagine there’s a better inspector out there. As for value for the money, we feel we got much more than we paid for.

If you happen to need an electrician or heating system/plumber, Ed knows the best people. We eventually needed and used both people Ed referred us to and couldn’t have been happier with them. I’ll post reviews in the appropriate area’s soon.

Thanks for all your help Ed.

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