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Could Radon Intrusion Be Causing Brain Fog? Schedule a Radon Test in NJ To Find Out!

If you keep up with health news, you’ve probably heard the term “brain fog.” Could radon intrusion in your NJ home be causing this? Keep reading to se why NJ’s best radon inspectors want to help you keep your home safe!

What is Radon Gas? Is There Radon in New Jersey?

If you think “radon” is related to “radiation,” you’re not wrong! In fact, the terms are quite closely associated—as rocks and soil break down, they release a natural, radioactive gas, called radon. Radon naturally evaporates into the open air, and does not present a problem outside. However, if this radon leaks into your home, it can build up and cause problems. This is especially true for homes with crawl spaces foundations, and with dirt basement floors. The gas is odorless, invisible, and does not burn—you would never even know it’s there unless you hire a home inspector in NJ who tests for radon.

Could Radon Gas Cause Brain Fog?

Brain fog is a term used to describe confusion, “fuzzy thinking,” challenges with concentration and short-term memory, and generally feeling like, well, your brain is foggy! This is a common symptom of common colds, flu, and gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, but can be caused by a variety of factors. Many homeowners who have tested positive for high radon levels also report brain fog, and radon gas has further been associated with lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. You don’t want radon in your home.

Who Should I Call To Test for Radon Gas in NJ?

So, how do you detect this undetectable gas? Your best choice is to call a home inspector or radon inspector in NJ. By performing an air quality and radon detection test in your space, the inspector can tell you for sure if your radon levels are acceptable or not. Once you know, you can take the proper steps to correct the radon intrusion.
Home inspection services in New Jersey are designed to keep you and your family as safe as possible! Before buying or selling a home, or if you suspect that you have radon in your home, call a local inspector to get the answers.

Should You Be Worried About Black Mold? Home Inspectors in Northern NJ Share Tips!

One of the things that plagues many homeowners is the threat of black mold, toxic mold, or toxic black mold. Home inspectors in New Jersey have encountered this environmental challenge a few times, but not as often as we hear questions about it! Here’s your basic primer on “black mold” and how a home inspection keeps you safe.

What is black mold, exactly?

Contrary to many people’s belief, there is no scientific “black mold.” In fact, up to 20,000 species of mold can be black in color, and many others that are green, purple, or brown, can look black in certain lighting. The mold that most people refer to as “black mold” or “toxic mold” is usually Stachybotrys, a specific type of mold that has been found in many homes where people have gotten sick. But keep reading, because your trusted home inspector has something even more important to share!

Will it kill me? Or make me sick?

Unlike actual toxins, like certain chemicals or botulism, coming into contact with mold will not immediately kill or harm you in most cases. When people have problems with mold, it is usually due to a number of factors, including allergies, immune system responses, and the types and severity of mold. Good news and bad news: While there is no single “toxic black mold” that will come in and get you while you sleep, mold of any sort can cause respiratory, allergy, and skin problems, as well as other reported health symptoms. Mold is also a sign of water or moisture collecting inappropriately in your home—something any home inspector in NJ will warn can create major problems such as structural challenges.

How do I ensure good air quality?

There are two ways to judge the air quality in your home—unofficial, and scientific. The unofficial way to check is to give it a sniff! Do you notice mold, mildew, or other unpleasant scents? Does a certain room always trigger a sneezing fit? For major issues, your nose knows! For a more scientific and accurate air quality inspection, you need expensive tools that actually collect and measure the particles in your air! Fortunately, your trusted home inspector in Northern New Jersey has these tools and technologies ready and waiting.

For the deepest peace of mind, and best assurance of clean air, hire a home inspector in NJ to help. Eagle Home Inspections in Northern NJ is ready to help address your air quality and mold issues today!