Can A Home Inspector in New Jersey Tell Me if My House Is Worth Saving?

Home inspectors in New Jersey play a lot of roles, from helping homeowners get the best sales price, to home buyers know the risks of their new home, to inspecting for specific conditions like radon intrusion. Most of the time, you have at least an idea of the condition of your home—but what if you don’t? If you rent your property out to tenants, if a relative has been living there for many years and out of contact, or if your property has simply sat vacant for many years, a home inspector in New Jersey can tell you something even more important: If your home or property is worth saving. Keep reading to see what a home inspector can do for you!

Why Would Someone Need A Home Inspector in NJ?
Homes that get neglected can be destroyed. For example, if your property has sat vacant through multiple NJ winters, it is likely that pipes have broken and caused leaks. If pests become out of control, especially pests like termites or rodent infestations, the flooring and structural support of the home could be compromised. If someone has conducted inappropriate activities in the house, such as producing illicit substances, hoarding to a dangerous level, or failing to secure the home from the elements, any number of crucial home elements may be damaged. A home inspector in NJ can help you understand this damage and what it means for your home.

Can a Home Inspector in NJ Tell Me If My House is Safe?
While a home inspector usually cannot make an official designation of a home’s safety or habitability (this usually falls to a county professional), they can tell you if it is safe in general, or if there are major damages that could threaten a person’s safety. For example, a home inspector can easily assess for major damage to the home’s structural walls, flooring, and roof, and is trained to look for damage to other elements like the plumbing, sewage, and other utilities.

NJ’s Home Inspectors Provide Valuable Referral Information
While the decision to repair or sell your property and any accompanying structures depends on various factors, a home inspector in New Jersey can and should be an important part of that decision. Based on the information your home inspector shares with you regarding damages, you can seek the advice of qualified contractors in the repair field, for example, plumbers, electricians, or general contractors. Having this information prepares you for the difficult decision of whether your property can, or should, be saved.
Dealing with home damage in New Jersey is never fun, but when you work with a professional home inspector, you can count on a fair an accurate inspection that will provide you with the information you need most.

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