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Home Inspectors and Home Inspections in NJ

Here’s How Home Inspection in NJ Helps You Fight Water Intrusion

Could water be intruding into your home? Home inspectors in New Jersey look for all sorts of problems when they visit homes for home inspection, and water intrusion is just one of them. Keep reading to see how a home inspector in NJ can help keep your home safe and dry.

NJ’s Home Inspectors See Water Damage From Your Roof

One of the first thing your home inspector in New Jersey will do upon visiting your home or commercial property for inspection is to look up! From the outside, your home inspector will look for any visible damage to your roof or siding—usually, this does not reveal anything, but the next step does! Once inside, the inspector will check your ceiling and the spaces where the walls and ceiling meet. They look for dampness, peeling or chipped paint, loose wallpaper, and stains—all signs of water intrusion!

Leaking Water in Your Walls Signals Disaster

Many roofs in NJ have small leaks—your home inspector can help draw these to your attention so you can call a roof repair company to address them. But if a lot of water has leaked into your walls already, you may have a bigger problem. Not only will you need to find and stop the leak itself, you may need to deal with getting rid of that wetness before it has a chance to build up mold or mildew.

Here’s Why Home Inspectors in NJ Have A Good Sense of Smell

Speaking of mold and mildew, most home inspectors in New Jersey have developed a very accurate sense of smell to help homeowners identify leaks and water damage! You may associate a musty, mildew-y smell with a grandparent’s basement or a boarded-up hunting cabin, but even a mild smell of mold or mildew can help experts detect a leak. You would be amazed by the roof, siding, and plumbing leaks that a skilled home inspector in NJ can identify through smell and by observing the outside of those areas. Some home inspectors conduct air quality tests, while others can help you find a local mold mitigation company to ensure your property is free of mold to the nanoparticle level.

Are you sure there’s not water intruding into your building? Increase your confidence before buying or selling your home in NJ and call Eagle Home Inspections for a full home inspection.

Home Inspection in NJ

Could Radon Intrusion Be Causing Brain Fog? Schedule a Radon Test in NJ To Find Out!

If you keep up with health news, you’ve probably heard the term “brain fog.” Could radon intrusion in your NJ home be causing this? Keep reading to se why NJ’s best radon inspectors want to help you keep your home safe!

What is Radon Gas? Is There Radon in New Jersey?

If you think “radon” is related to “radiation,” you’re not wrong! In fact, the terms are quite closely associated—as rocks and soil break down, they release a natural, radioactive gas, called radon. Radon naturally evaporates into the open air, and does not present a problem outside. However, if this radon leaks into your home, it can build up and cause problems. This is especially true for homes with crawl spaces foundations, and with dirt basement floors. The gas is odorless, invisible, and does not burn—you would never even know it’s there unless you hire a home inspector in NJ who tests for radon.

Could Radon Gas Cause Brain Fog?

Brain fog is a term used to describe confusion, “fuzzy thinking,” challenges with concentration and short-term memory, and generally feeling like, well, your brain is foggy! This is a common symptom of common colds, flu, and gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, but can be caused by a variety of factors. Many homeowners who have tested positive for high radon levels also report brain fog, and radon gas has further been associated with lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. You don’t want radon in your home.

Who Should I Call To Test for Radon Gas in NJ?

So, how do you detect this undetectable gas? Your best choice is to call a home inspector or radon inspector in NJ. By performing an air quality and radon detection test in your space, the inspector can tell you for sure if your radon levels are acceptable or not. Once you know, you can take the proper steps to correct the radon intrusion.
Home inspection services in New Jersey are designed to keep you and your family as safe as possible! Before buying or selling a home, or if you suspect that you have radon in your home, call a local inspector to get the answers.

Home Inspection in NJ

This is Why You Need A Home Inspector in NJ with “Eagle Eyes”

If you’re buying a home in NJ, you need a trusted and reliable home inspector. But will any home inspection service in NJ for your sale, or should you look for one with eagle eyes? When you choose Eagle Home Inspections in Northern NJ, you’ll get service that goes above and beyond. Keep reading to see why.

Attention to Detail Matters When Choosing A Home Inspector in NJ

While most home inspectors (and homeowners themselves!) recognize major damage, it takes a skilled, experienced, attentive home inspector to find the hidden problems. When you choose an experienced home inspector with years of history working with your community, you should be able to find plenty of testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals. Your inspector needs eagle eyes to find even the tiniest problems with your potential home.

Personalized Attention Improves Home Inspection Services

There are some big home inspection companies in NJ, and there are small businesses. Our team at Eagle Home Inspections would also go with a local inspector, and are proud to say that our home inspector is the only person who will be inspecting your home! You’ll be working with a business owner and licensed home inspector who personally prepares each home inspection report, including photos of your property and details regarding the age, condition, and operating status of your home’s elements. Since nobody else gets involved, nothing can get mixed up, left out, or ignored.

Consider Adding These Services to Your Home Inspection in NJ

For a home inspection that goes beyond expectations, look for a home inspector who is also licensed to inspect or test for other common home concerns, such as radon testing and termite inspections. These important safeguards are not included in a standard home inspection, and must be arranged separately with a qualified and licensed inspector. Some of the best home inspectors in NJ also offer radon and termite inspections at the same time, taking that appointment off of your calendar. Ready to inspect your next home with one of the best home inspectors in NJ? Call Eagle Home Inspections today to get started.